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The History of group originates in 1993, when two school friends Mihalev Alexander (drums) and Nabokih Andrey (guitar) have met Savenko Oleg (guitar) who lived in the neighbourhood. Then the group yet did not have name, there was only a desire to play. The following have passed two years in searches of own style and sharpening of skill of possession by instruments. An autumn of 1995 in group has come Romas Denis and took a place of the bass - guitarist. Birthday of group considers date of the first concert holding in Ekaterinburg rock - club " Sphynx " September, 13, 1996 where were submitted  6 own compositions and cavers Exrtime Agression by  REATOR and Troops of Doom by  SEPULTURA. The material of group by then  represented a rattling mix thrashndeath metal. In the winter 1996 on a place of the bass - guitarist has come  Korchuganov Artem (ex-PREISPODNYA) and sounding of group became more melodious, but extreme enough. The group took part in weight of concerts in clubs of native Ekaterinburg, getting a recognition and confidence of the forces. In the summer 1997 on a place of drumer has come  Kompanets Anatoly, having introduced new sounding. Since 1998 the group repeatedly acts in Ekaterinburg, Perm, Tyumen, Ufa, Petersburg, took  part in bike-show in Irbit, became  the winner of festival "Ural rock'99", the concert video of the group which have been taken at a solo concert in one of the Ekaterinburg clubs leaves. An autumn of 2002 in the limited circulation realised demo of groups " Begin ".  In October, 2004 the new album of group Obsession of loneliness , including 8 original compositions realised. Music of group represents melodious gotic/doom metal having roots in traditions of early albums ANATHEMA and PARADISE LOST.

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